Our Commitment to Your Health and Safety


We have ensured that people maintain a 2 meter distance from one another by making every second table a “non-seatable” table, as well as ensuring walkways are one-directional in the entire restaurant. Reservations are encourages in order to minimize crowds. If you order takeout, or are waiting for a table, we kindly ask that you wait outside until we have your food or table ready.


We will have a manager on duty at all times responsible for sanitizing all high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, railings, and bathrooms, and debit machines. Debit machines, chairs, and tables will be sanitized between each use. We will be doing a thorough clean at the end of every night, and sanitizing all surfaces of prep coolers, handles, bar tops, trays, doors, debit machines, ipads, etc.


We will be requiring all staff to stay home if they have any sign of illness including cough, sore throat, fever, runny nose, or difficulty breathing. If someone is sick, we will ask them to stay in isolation until they are better, as well as getting tested for COVID-19. We will always have an extra manager or staff member on shift that can cover for a staff member who must be sent home due to symptoms.

Personal Protective Equipment

We will mandate that all staff members wear a company-supplied face mask.

Due to City Bylaws, it is now mandatory for all guests to wear face coverings while inside public spaces. You are allowed to take your mask off once you are at your table.


We will have at least one manager on shift at all times that will ensure all health and safety measures are implemented. All of our staff will be well-orientated in the protocol of our health and safety measures. If a staff member or guest fails to comply, they will be asked to leave, or, in the case of staff members, will be suspended and until they can demonstrate a comprehension of proper safety protocol.


Monday        12pm- 9pm

Tuesday        12pm - 9pm

Wednesday   12pm - 9pm

Thursday       12pm - 10pm

Friday           12pm - 11pm

Saturday        11am - 1:30pm (Brunch only)

                     2pm - 11pm

Sunday          11am - 1:30pm (Brunch only)

                     2pm - 9pm



1111 7 ST SW T2R 1A1

Calgary, AB



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