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Laine went vegan over six years ago, and has since then taken an active role in promoting the vegan lifestyle, from being on the board of original founders for VegFest Calgary, to running a socially conscious apparel line called Talk Vegan To Me Clothing. She met Darian in the Spring of 2015, when he had been vegetarian for six months. Growing up in Nelson, BC, Darian has always cared about the food he puts into his body, and has eaten mostly organic since day one. Today, we are passionate vegan foodies that enjoy cooking together, spending time in nature whenever possible, and planning our next adventures. Vegan Street was born out of our common obsession with vegan food, and has grown into a determination for sourcing the best ingredients with the least pesticides, most nutrients, and smallest carbon footprint. We believe in full transparency and are committed to delivering impeccable products all the time, every time.